I love to garden and I often buy seeds through the mail but there have been seed packets getting mailed to people in a number of states that haven't been ordered by the people getting the seeds and officials are saying you shouldn't open or plant those seeds if you get them.


The reports of the seeds showing up in the mail began a few weeks ago. They usually show up in a yellow or white package and the sizes and shapes of the seeds vary. The people who have reported getting the seeds said they didn't order them, so what is the deal and why are they showing up randomly throughout the US?

There are a couple of theories running around and they sound as weird as getting unsolicited seeds in the mail. One theory is that the seeds are part of an online scam known as "brushing." Apparently, foreign scammers send out a cheap product to someone who didn't order or pay for it and then the scammer writes a review of their product using the name of the person they sent the item to. Seems like a lot of work for an online review, but ok.

The Texas Agriculture Commissioner said that there are reports of the seed packages showing up in Texas, and they're often labeled as jewelry. It's unlikely that the seeds are dangerous to humans, but they might be an invasive plant that could disrupt or destroy our native plants and environment. The best thing to do if you get a seed packet that you didn't order is to not open it, seal it in a different zip-lock plastic baggie and report the seed package to the USDA website.

Officials say under no circumstances should you plant or throw the seeds away. If you plant the seeds they might be invasive and tough to kill, and if you throw them away they might germinate in the landfill and pose the same problem.

Geez 2020, enough already.

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