Should school administrators look the other way for students to take a day off from school in order to get ready for Homecoming?

It appeared that one Coronado High School administrator said just that earlier this week, and it's causing some Homecoming week headaches for the school.

In this week's Coronado school newspaper, Assistant Principal Eric Cress was quoted as saying Coronado's administration understands if a parent wanted to pull their child out of class to get ready for the dance.

He went on to say students are asked to stay until 2nd period so they are not counted absent.

The reason for all the fuss is because Coronado's homecoming dance will be held tonight, after last night's homecoming football game.

That scheduling happened because of UIL realignment and the school's football schedule.

But some Coronado students said they need the whole day to get ready because they want to look good and homecoming is important to them.

Others say that there is plenty of time after school to take care of all the homecoming prep.

And even though Cress did say parents can exercise their right to take their children out of school early, as long as they follow protocol, he went on to say that his statement was taken out of context and ditching class was not encouraged.

Coronado's dance is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. tonight.

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