The onetime Disney gals support each other through thick and thin. Losing a furry, four-legged loved one is incredibly hard. Any animal lover will tell you that much. So it's no surprise that 'X Factor' judge and pop diva Demi Lovato tweeted a note of love and support for her pal Miley Cyrus, who mourned the loss of her beloved dog Lila.

Cyrus was so sad about Lila's passing that she even tweeted about not having a reason to get out of bed. Cyrus is a notorious dog lover, often sharing photos of her latest rescue with her millions of Twitter followers. It's clear she is a canine devotee and Lila's passing has hit the singer/actress particularly hard.

The kind-hearted Lovato swooped in to offer her words of love and support to her friend, who is obviously hurting.

Lovato posted:

Everyone please send your love and prayers towards @MileyCyrus. She lost one of her beautiful babies.. RIP Lila.❤

Last year, Cyrus took to Twitter to defend Lovato, saying she would destroy anyone who bullied her pal and called her fat during a rant about the the unfair standards that society places on curvy women. It turned into a Twitter lovefest between the ladies. We're glad to see that they still have each other's backs.

One good tweet turn deserves another.

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