Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend, but what happens when your airline not only loses your dog, but your prized Westminster show dog? 

After this year's Westminster dog show, some dogs and their owners were traveling home on Delta airlines from New York to Seattle, Washington. As the passengers sat on the plane waiting to take off, the dog owners realized that they had not seen their dog's crates get on the plane. The owners asked the flight attendants to show them proof that the pups were indeed on the plane, and they couldn't. One of those dogs lost was a white poodle named Paris (pictured).

One owner used his extremely convenient FlyDelta app, which showed him where some of the dog's crates were. Unfortunately for the owners, they were not on the plane. The owners complained and the plane had to wait an hour to try and locate the dogs. It was then that Delta officials admitted they had no idea where some of the dogs were. They then gave the owners the option to either leave now with the plane and not know where their beloved dog was, or stay while they located the dogs. Then when they were located, fly out with the dog.

The owners waited for hours while Delta looked for the dogs. One owner stayed behind thinking her dog was lost, and found out later that the dog actually arrived on the flight she was supposed to have gone on.

A Delta representative said that "the dogs remained in Delta's constant care while the airline worked to re-accommodate both the customers and their animals." Due to the inconvenience, the owners and their dogs were put in a hotel by the JFK airport, and flew out the next morning with their dogs in the cabin with them. They were also given a refund for their $200 dog fees and VIP service at the airport the next day.

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