The death toll in the Walmart terrorist attack rose to 22 as of Monday morning. The El Paso Police Department announced the updated total death count in separate tweets Monday morning.

The first, posted at 8:35 a.m., read “Sad to report that the number of fatalities increased by one. Victim passed early this morning at the hospital.” A second tweet followed about an hour and a half later. “Just after 1000 another victim passed away,” it stated. “The total is now at 22.”

Representatives of Del Sol Medical Center confirmed the deaths at a press conference later in the morning.

Their names were not released, but David Shimp, Chief Executive Officer at Del Sol, described one as “an elderly woman.” Dr. Stephen Flaherty added one of the two who died today had major internal injuries to the liver, kidneys and intestines.

The trauma described by Flaherty fits the description of the injuries suffered by Juan Velazquez, as stated by family members in a report published by KTSM on Sunday.

Juan Velasquez, however, isn’t doing as well, the family told KTSM. He was shot in the side of his stomach. The bullet damaged his kidneys and intestines. The family told KTSM he has undergone one surgery already and doctors advised them he would need another surgery later Sunday. He has yet to regain consciousness.

El Paso had only 23 homicides all of last year. The latest deaths makes the El Paso Walmart attack the 7th deadliest single day mass shooting in US history.

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