Las Cruces and it's surrounding areas has some nice hidden places to take a day trip to, even with the family. Especially with the summer just around the corner, you can plan one of these trips with the family. Bet you didn't think of these places to go hang out at.


  • Aguirre Spring Campground

    Located just east of the Organ Mountains, the Aguirre Spring Campground is one of the best places to make a day trip to. With scenic hiking and walking trails and picnic tables for the family, it is so much fun.

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  • Bosque National Wildlife Refuge

    Nestled between Socorro, NM and T or C, NM is a beautiful wildlife refuge. Tens of thousands birds species fly among each other and it is amazing. Sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many kinds of ducks have been spotted in this refuge and it is an awesome place to head out with the family.

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  • Carlsbad Caverns

    If you haven't been. you're missing out on one of the world's wonders! You have to make your way out for a family day trip. Amazing caves and hidden caverns safe to take the family down to see.

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  • City of Rocks State Park

    Located between Deming, NM and Silver City, NM is rocking! Imagine playing hide and seek in this natural wonder? Take the family out.

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  • Elephant Butte

    Elephant Butte is a large man made lake right outside of T or C, NM. You can enjoy fishing, water skiing, swimming, boating and camping with the entire family.

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