Darlene Sugg has been battling cancer for four years. During her battle, she made her daughter Megan promise to graduate from high school, no matter what. Four years after Darlene's diagnosis, her daughter stood by her hospital bed in cap and gown and received her diploma from her high school principal.

School administrator planned the ceremony a month before Megan was schedule to graduate after her mother's health began to quickly decline.  As Principal Vickie Plitt read a speech she had prepared for Megan and her mother, Darlene managed to open her eyes just long enough to see the beautiful ceremony.

“I couldn’t believe they would do that for my mother and for my sister. It was magical,” Darlene's son to the Capital Gazette. “My mom actually opened her eyes up.”

Two days later, Darlene lost her battle with cancer, but not before another wish was fulfilled -- to see Megan in her prom dress.