So, I'll just put it all out there. I'm almost 40 so everything I'm about to say might just be me coming across as very "get off my lawn" and "has anyone seen my Metamucil."

Earlier this year, I got a little bit offended when I found out that skinny jeans aren't fashionable and apparently, only 40-year-olds are caught dead in them. Gah. Listen, I'm not totally opposed to flair or bootcut jeans - as long as they aren't high-rise. I'll never be down with that.

But then something came across my feed today that just made my jaw drop a little. They are called "cutout jeans" and there is so much for me to unpack.

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The cutout part can really be anywhere on the jean. Down by the legs - it's kind of cute. But the particular styles that had my head spinning were the cutouts at the top.


My first thought was... these look cold. I'd freeze to death in these jeans.


Second thought... these look terribly uncomfortable.


Third thought... these would look terribly unflattering on me.


Now, they aren't all bad. These cute heart cutouts are totally wearable... and are only a cool $780! What the? On second thought, they are cut weird and aren't cute at all.

Neiman Marcus

Now, in all fairness, there are a couple of cutout jeans that I do really like. This one is kind of mummy-esce. But they'd be kind of fun in spring, I think. I can't think of anywhere I'd actually wear them but I don't hate them.

Dolls Kill

And these are super cute! I could totally wear these - even if that top one comes up a little more than I like. You LIKE seeing stretch marks?


I'd still freeze to death! So, I'm torn. I think they are cute when I don't feel totally exposed and weird. Maybe I'm just not cool enough... I am who I am. :)

What about you - would you wear them?

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