There is nothing like a rainstorm in El Paso. We live in the desert and for 90 percent of the year we are baking under a hot sun with no humidity or rain to be found so when it does rain, the hard desert ground doesn't absorb the rainfall quickly and it leads to pretty significant flooding.

On Thursday afternoon a real gully washer of a rain storm hit almost all parts of the city and it had everyone scrambling. It didn't take long for the rainfall to build up so deep that drivers couldn't see curbs and trying to cross an intersection was kind of like trying to drive across a fast moving river. That's when this crazy video of a really muddy water geyser was shot in northeast El Paso.

At first the news stations were reporting that it looked like a possible water main break but it turns out that it was storm drains that couldn't handle the sudden amount of rainfall and they exploded sending water, mud, and debris high into the air. The wall at the beginning of the video is probably at least 8 feet high so you can imagine how much air that water geyser is getting.

Rain is forecast throughout the rest of the weekend and into the beginning of next week and we tend to get the really strong storms in the afternoon after the temperatures rise a bit so be aware that most of the problems with traffic have been in the afternoon as people are trying to get home. Stay safe out there.

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