El Paso residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to use the new online self-reporting form at epstrong.org.

With the upsurge of novel coronavirus cases in El Paso, the city is asking that residents report their COVID-19 positive test results to help contact tracers begin the task of monitoring and supporting confirmed positive individuals.

COVID-19 positive El Pasoans can visit Epstrong.org to fill out the Electronic Self-Reporting Form or call the self-reporting COVID-19 Positive Assistance Line at 915-212-6520.

According to the City of El Paso, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and “have received their positive results from their laboratory but have not been contacted by the Department of Public Health within 24 hours of receipt of their results from their lab”, should self-report.

By self-reporting, each positive test result confirmation is recorded, and the Department of Public Health will be able to assign a contact tracer to each.

Electronic Self-Reporting Form Information:

  • Self-report by visiting: EPSTRONG.ORG
  • You will be required to give your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Individuals self-reporting by phone or online will need to provide a copy of their positive test results

For more information on self-reporting or any other questions, contact the 21-COVID Hotline at 915-212-6843.

For more COVID-19 information on testing, data, and prevention, visit epstrong.org.

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