The Paranormal Circus that was set to perform in El Paso has been stuck at the Sunland Park Mall parking lot since late February due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The crew of the Paranormal Circus was grounded due to the COVID 19 pandemic and has been camped out at the Sunland Park Mall parking lot since they arrived in town back in late February.

Paranormal Circus 1

Initially, the circus was set to perform in mid-March but soon after restrictions were coming into play due to the coronavirus the circus performances were postponed until May.

Now with the uncertain end to the pandemic, the whole crew is waiting to see when they can pack up and move out.

Yesterday evening I was on my way to pick up food from Johnny Carinos in west El Paso when I noticed that the Paranormal Circus trailers were visible from the highway. I drove straight to the mall parking lot and as I pulled up I saw two crew members (Herman and Joseph) who told me that they’ve been stuck at the mall since they arrived in El Paso. According to the two, the crew has been doing pretty okay under the circumstances and has been chilling, grilling out and residing in their trailers with the occasional store trip until they can move out.

Paranormal Circus 2

If we thought we had it bad – now imagine living in small quarters as you self-quarantine? The struggle is most definitely real.

The Paranormal Circus is a unique circus featuring acrobats, illusionists, freaks, and mysterious creatures under one big top. This one-of-a-kind circus melds theatre and cabaret elements to bring to life the stuff of nightmares and fantasy in this unique paranormal experience.

The crew is hopeful that by May they’ll be able to move out but until then, they too are being responsible and hunkering down to stay safe while doing their part to help flatten the curve.

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