This November you have an opportunity to experience Concordia Cemetery in a way you don't get very many chances to: locked-in after hours.

The historic graveyard is the focus of a spooky one-of-a-kind fundraising effort by the Concordia Heritage Association. The non-profit will host 10 people and their guest for a one night only lock-in investigation inside arguably the most haunted place in El Paso.

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You and the handful of others chosen will be the only living breathing souls in the cemetery that night.

If walking among more than 60,000 graves in the dead of a chilly November night and conducting your own paranormal investigation is something you want to cross off your bucket list, the Concordia Lock-In Investigation Raffle is something you want to buy into.

How to Win Your Way In

The Lock-in Investigation will be an intimate event for winning ticket holders and their guests only. The only way to be a part of it is if the raffle ticket you purchase is one of the entries chosen in the random drawing.

Per the event post, raffle tickets are $10 and there is no limit to how many you can buy. You can purchase tickets via this PayPal link or in person at the Annual Dia de Los Muertos Festival at Concordia Cemetery on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.

The drawing will be held towards the conclusion of the festival. More details and specifics can be found on the Concordia Lock-In Investigation Raffle event post.

Even if you don't win, your contribution helps the Concordia Heritage Association defray the costs of maintaining and preserving our historic cemetery.

One of El Paso's Most Haunted Locations

Submitted by Isaac Parra (2017)
Submitted by Isaac Parra (2017)

With a history that dates back to the 1880′s, Concordia is the final resting place for more than 60,000 souls – some more restless than others.

Of course, there is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity on the night of the lock-in investigation, but if there ever was a place where the odds are in your favor it’s Concordia Cemetery.

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