My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, early in the morning with my parents. My mom usually wakes up really early to start prepping the Thanksgiving meal, so I like to try to entertain her during the hard work. All I ever can do to help prep the meal is butter some biscuits.

I am still a child at heart, as I love to see all the big balloons taking over New York City, like Godzilla. I wish they could involve some scary balloons, but you know, children.

Anyway, the closest balloon I think could qualify for scary would be the proposed balloon by talk show host/comedian Conan O'Brien. Conan recently shared his idea for a Thanksgiving day balloon, with it's own entertainment. While Conan was shooting his show in New York, he proposed a few new balloon to be added to the 2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. He thought maybe a New York Giant losing record balloon or even a Time Square Elmo would be a great addition. Yet, only one balloon was actually created and flown in the streets of New York, as a preview. Behold the Conan Street Rat balloon.

Fun fact, the rat balloon Conan used, actually can be bought by anyone.

In only a week, Conan created his own balloon. He flew it for a short time with a musical guest, Justin Guarini. Complete with a little suit and Conan hair, the street rat would be a perfect representation of the Conan show. The only issue I have with is the terrible nose the rat makes. I still will have my fingers crossed to see this balloon, Thanksgiving morning.

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