Conference USA has suspended UTEP head coach Tim Floyd for one game for violating the league's Sportsmanship Policy during UTEP's 77-60 loss to Louisiana Tech Thursday night.

Floyd received a pair of technical fouls midway through the second half after one of the refs called a loose ball foul on a UTEP player, and then ejected after he failed to immediately leave the playing area. According to the conference's standards of conduct, that delay result in the automatic suspension.

The more serious offense, in my opinion, was Floyd grabbing his own player by the jersey and shoving him out of the way. All Earvin Morris was trying to do was get between Floyd and the ref and keep coach from going after him. (PHOTO)

I get that it was in the heat of the moment, but that is no excuse for a coach to put his hands on a player. And on national televsion, no less.

His actions were inappropriate and I feel he should face disciplinary action from UTEP as well. If a professor got physical with a student athlete wouldn't the professor receive some sort of formal punishment? So too should Coach Floyd.

As of this writing, neither Floyd nor the university has commented on the shoving incident. I suspect no action will be taken, but I'll post an update if there is.

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