The violent clashes between groups of Nazi's and anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville this weekend was the catalyst for a movie made by the U. S. military in 1947 to go viral.

A two-minute clip began popping up all over Facebook and Twitter, warning people not to become suckers for fascism and people spouting anti-minority rhetoric. The clip is part of a 17-minute long film that takes the viewer through a history lesson on how the Nazi party came to power in Germany, and how a similar thing could easily happen in the United States.

If you want to watch the clip that has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, fast forward to the 2:20 mark, but the whole movie is interesting to watch because it puts the Nazi stronghold over Germany into context just a couple of years after the war ended. It also makes you stop and think that even though the world had just fought to eradicate such discriminatory feelings, the U. S. military felt the need to remind people to pull together as a country and not let division among different groups of people destroy our nation.

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