The City of El Paso is prepared to carry out a deicing plan for roadways to keep arterial streets clear as low temperatures and precipitation move into the region.

Crews from the city’s Streets and Maintenance Department will spread sand and salt on roadway surfaces to keep ice from forming on them. Priority will be given to arterial roadways, bridges and overpasses, especially those on routes to hospitals, fire houses and police stations. As part of standard procedures, response efforts will be coordinated with emergency management and state transportation partners.

To keep motorists safe during weather events, the City of El Paso urges drivers to use extreme caution and maintain safe speeds and distances from other vehicles. The public is reminded that bridges and overpasses are typically the first to freeze. Freezing and thawing road surfaces can transition from wet to black ice in a matter of seconds and a drivers best defense is to stay alert, manage their speed and respond to advisory signs and reports.

If conditions become icy, motorists should stay off the roadways, if at all possible. Reduced traffic will allow emergency vehicles to move freely during the storm and help to ensure that roads are treated appropriately to combat icy conditions.

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