Due to concerns with social distancing and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will not be putting on city-wide Halloween carnivals this year.

Instead, Parks & Rec will be hosting an alternative to its traditional event the whole family can enjoy from the safety of their car. They’ll be decking out car trunks and loading up on candy for Trunk or Treat Drive-Thrus.

Unlike typical Trunk-or-Treat events where children go from car to car demanding you smell their feet and give them something good to eat, trick-or-treaters will remain in their vehicles and drive through for their goodies. (Car to car candy-jacking is frowned upon this year as is door to door trick or treating.)

Parks and Rec staff will release more details in the next week or so, but from what I’ve been able to determine the Trunk-or-Treat Drive-Thrus will most likely take place at the rec centers currently open as WiFi Centers since those are the only ones staffed.

Individual events will take place Oct. 29-31 from 4:30 p.m. until the candy runs out. And, of course, CDC guidelines on social distancing and face coverings will be enforced.

In the meantime, El Paso Parks and Recreation is asking the community for candy handouts of their own. Below is the list of rec centers you can donate store bought candy bags for the events.

El Paso Parks and Recreation Facebook
El Paso Parks and Recreation Facebook
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