Neon Desert is this weekend, and parking will be at a premium throughout the festival hours. There are a number of ways you can park for Neon Desert, but one of them is no longer available. City officials released a statement about free parking at the Glory Road Transit Center:

We previously stated that there will be free parking in the Glory Road Transit Center located at 100 Glory Rd. El Paso, TX 79902 for the first 440 attendees taking the streetcar to the fest.
This is not correct. The Glory Road Transit Terminal Parking Garage will NOT be free to Neon Desert attendees throughout the festival as previously announced. Public parking will be available at the garage for $10 per vehicle. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you were planning on parking for free at the Glory Road Transit Center for free, you need to make sure to have an extra ten bucks or else figure out another place to park. I think the City did a huge disservice to festival goers when they released information about it being free. This is the kind of boneheaded move that makes people angry with City officials. If they released this information to the public and then discovered that they weren't going to honor it, they should have just bitten the bullet and let people park there for free.

El Paso is constantly trying to get festivals like Neon Desert and events that will not only be good for people who live here but bring in tourism. Moves like this one by the City is the kind of thing that makes people not want to mess with even attending a festival in El Paso.

City officials, you should have just taken the hit and let people park for free.

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