If you're a westsider or your commute takes you on Schuster Avenue, you know that it is a pretty highly traveled road. There are not only regular vehicles, but eighteen-wheelers, ambulances, and fire trucks are also up and down Schuster all time. That wear and tear has really taken a toll, and now the City of El Paso wants to spend some serious cash fixing up Schuster, but they want to know what you think needs to be done to make it a better street.

City officials say they have a $7 million budget for Schuster improvements that is part of the City’s Traffic Management Program. That money will be used to re-design and build sidewalks and driveways, put in parkway landscaping, install new and much-needed street lighting, and put in new bike lanes. Those bike lanes will be on Schuster between Prospect and North Campbell Street.

If you have driven up and down Stanton Street, you know that there are bike lanes on that street that are competing with traffic and streetcars. Mike thinks bike lanes are silly and no one uses them. I have to admit, I get annoyed when I see bike lanes that aren't being used, but I get even more annoyed when I see bicyclists using traffic lanes, so I think bike lanes are a good idea.

If you’d like to let City officials know what you think about the proposed improvements to Schuster Avenue, head out tonight at 6 p.m. to the Pat O’Rourke Recreation Center at 901 N. Virginia Street and take part in their community meeting.

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