El Paso city officials held a Sunday afternoon press conference to keep residents up-to-date on the coronavirus in El Paso. Mayor Dee Margo announced the second confirmed positive coronavirus case in El Paso. A male in his 40s tested positive.

The County of El Paso also announced that the County Courthouse has suspended all jury trials through the end of March. Non-essential hearings will be postponed or handled by teleconference. Essential matters will continue and include:

Criminal detention at the Jail Magistrate Court will continue around the clock; juvenile detention hearings will continue, family violence protective orders will continue, as well as certain mental health proceedings. Temporary restraining orders and certain proceedings related to children will also continue. Attorneys are asked to contact the courts that they have hearings in for further information on whether those hearings will be held. County officials say if you have symptoms you should contact the court you are going to before you arrive so they can counsel you on if you should show up. The Courthouse will remain open, but if you have business there, you should contact the office you plan on going to to make sure they will be handling your business.

Officials with the City's Health Department, Mayor Dee Margo, and officials with area school districts spoke about the steps being taken by governmental entities to deal with possible positive coronavirus test results in El Pasoans.

If you are exhibiting symptoms, notify your doctor. If you are not getting better and the symptoms worsen, seek medical attention. If you have questions about the coronavirus, call the City's help line at 2-1-1 and click on option 6.

City officials are asking that you stay home if possible for 14 days to help flatten the curve of the spread of the virus. City officials say large gatherings should be suspended, but if you want to go to restaurants and bars, you can at your discretion. The CDC says that if you go out you should keep a 6 foot perimeter around you if you go out. The CDC also says that if you want to get takeout from a restaurant and not sit inside the restaurant that is also a good way to continue to get restaurant food.

Officials say it is not a time to panic, but a time to be prepared. The steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe are:

1. Wash your hands - Soap and water are the best defense against coronavirus. Hand sanitizers are also effective, but washing your hands for 20 seconds often during the day is an important step in keeping you safe.

2. Don't touch your face - If you have to touch your face, try to do so with a tissue so you can throw it away after you touch your face.

3. Keep supplies at your house but don't panic buy - Many stores are limiting the number of items like hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and cleaners that you can purchase at any one time. There is no need to hoard or panic buy. Make sure you have enough supplies for a couple of weeks, but stockpiling isn't necessary and it could mean that others who need those items might not have them available.

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