The Chucos Barbas barber shop has been open in El Paso since 2015 & it's been run by a man named David Fuji Vargas. Since that time, David, his production team at Fuji Productions & Chuco Barbas have helped put on many events in town, including the Big Jerk Off Jerky Contest that was held earlier this month. Also speaking to David on the phone, he explained that they have been extremely active hosting charity events like Chucomania, (you may have seen one of the stars from Ozark at the event) that benefitted the local charity Reach For a Star & supporting the Opportunity Center for the Homeless among a few of the charities they supported. In total they raised over $40,000 for various charities in El Paso.

They were featured on the EP Spotlight YouTube channel & they also received the award for "Best Barber Shop" from The City El Paso magazine in 2021.

Sadly though, we got some bad news about Chucos Barbas when David posted this on social media on Tuesday regarding his health:

Shortly after David posted that, TONS of people all over social media went to show their support online, sending prayers & messages on encouragement for David's health.

As the post stated, it's unclear what will happen with all the locations in town after this month, whether they will shut down or be under new management. But one thing that IS clear: the El Paso community has shown Chucos & David a ton of love & support over the years & they will continue to do so afterwards. We wish David a speedy recovery.

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