Chrissy Teigan sat down for a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where she opened up about her crazy behavior in front of Beyonce and her “love” for John Legend’s song All Of Me which was written about her. Teigan talks to Fallon about the 2018 Grammy Awards and sitting next to Jay-Z and Bey and watching Jay sip his bottle of wine. Chrissy claims that awards shows aren’t as exciting when she has to abstain from alcohol. She is currently expecting her second child with her husband John Legend. Chrissy talks about Legend being a smooth operation with the Carters but not being able to disguise her erratic behavior whenever she is in Beyonce’s presence. She says Beyonce has a certain aura about her that causes her to speak to Bey as if she were a royal. Teigan says she got on on knee and took both of Bey’s hands and called her “My queen” to John Legend’s embarrassment. Chrissy is currently 5 months pregnant and I’m not sure why she’s so embarrassed! Isn’t Beyonce actual royalty? I feel like many fans exist that would react to Beyonce the exact same way. Watch Chrissy’s interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

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