Cardi B sat down with Jimmy Fallon for one of the silliest interviews I’ve seen televised in a very long time and I must say; it’s quality entertainment! I’m excited to see Cardi B celebrating all of her recent success. Bodak Yellow has gone 3 times platinum Jimmy Fallon explains to the audience and Cardi B sits and relishes in the audiences reaction in regard to her recent success. She’s featured on a song with Ozuna which was just given a visual treatment and that video is available online to watch here. I wasn’t a huge fan of Cardi B before Bodak Yellow and only knew of her being a loudmouth reality star. Currently people have been sharing videos online of the song Bodak Yellow playing in public places and groups gathering to enjoy the first rap song by a female since 1998 to go number one in America. One video in particular depicts Cardi B’s song playing on a boombox in a subway lobby in New York City and people literally making a circle and taking turns singing along. Cardi mentions that a new song is on the way titled Bartier a nod to Cartier but she “didn't want to get sued.” Jimmy Fallon chat with Cardi B below:

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