Miley Cyrus joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where the two duked it out for The Tonight Show’s Lip Sync battle series. Fallon starts by performing Issues by Julia Michaels with a puppet but I was compelled to feature the battle at because of Miley Cyrus’ lip sync rendition of Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still!” Listen to KISS FM for your chance to win tickets to see then perform live in El Paso October, Friday the 13th at the Plaza Theatre!
Miley threatens Fallon about how competitive she is then talks about how every so often a song comes out and “you just can't get it out of your head and this is that song right now” before diving into and completely ripping her lip sync performance to shreds!

Cyrus has openly embraced gay-culture featuring drag queens in her music videos, on tour and televised performances so it may be coincidence but the splits, mid-song hair transformations and high kicks could very well have been inspired by some of her favorite queens. This could be one of my favorite Miley performances and she’s not even singing! Lol!


Check out the clip below:

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