More drama, drama, drama for the perennially in trouble Chris Brown.

Legal problems are pretty much a daily occurrence for the embattled singer. His probation has been revoked due to possible violations stemming from an accident he was involved in back in May that is described as a "hit and run."

Breezy hit a car, which sustained minor damage, and the driver says he failed to provide proper paperwork and information, which then constituted hit and run and, ultimately, a threat to his probation. He was not charged criminally, but there are consequences that put his freedom at stake.

A stone-faced, visibly uncomfortable Brown appeared in court yesterday (July 15) but was not remanded into custody. However, he does need to return to court next month so a judge can determine whether or not the probation terms were violated. He is on probation stemming from the 2009 beating of his on-off girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown, whose album 'X' is out today, could see as much as four years in jail if the judge decides he did indeed violate probation terms, which are expected to be strictly adhered to.

Breezy just can't stay outta trouble.