It’s officially here! Today is the first day of Spring in 2018 and what a joy is it to welcome to warm season here in the Sun City! Some of my favorite curb appeal green friends include 3 roses bushes, calla lilies, fern, Crape Myrtle Tree, lavender, lantana and ivy.  Since I don’t consider myself to have a crazy green thumb or anything I like to tend to plants that don’t require too much maintenance but offer color because it’s obviously the most gorgeous thing to leave your house in the morning or get home in the afternoon with a ton of yellow roses bordering your home. As I get a little older is easier to understand what will work in our sunny/hot weather that becomes quite the scorcher here in El Paso. I ran into a video by INSIDER that offers views of what the warm welcome to the Spring season looks like all over the world. The awesome footage is focused on six northern cities on the planet and the views are stunning and offered me a reason to take a deep breath, slow down and smell the roses! Such a beautiful video. Happy first day of Spring and check out what Spring looks like around the world in the video below.

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