If there’s one thing I love about Halloween it’s the creative ways people bring Halloween related characters to life. Whether it’s through videos or photos, some people take Halloween to a whole other level and I am here for it.

El Paso’s Michael Myers has taken the social media world by storm after one local photographer decided to snap photos of Michael Myers looking for a job at local iconic businesses. 

Well now, another El Paso photographer is using her camera lens to bring a few sisters to life. The Sanderson sisters aka the iconic Hocus Pocus characters.

“We love Halloween! It’s one of our favorite seasons so this year we decided to go for the Hocus Pocus theme and it turned out perfect since this year the second movie came out,” said Lilian Arguelles, Owner of Atelier Photography.

Lilian and her wife Alejandra Guerrero both dedicate their life to capturing special memories for families through their camera lens.

Back in March the couple did an enchanting Disney Princess themed photo shoot which caught the eye of many people online.

This year, the couple decided to jump on the Hocus Pocus trend and brought in their family to shoot this pretty amazing photoshoot.

Alejandra stepped in as Mary Sanders, her sister Michelle was Winifred Sanderson, Lilian’s sister Dahlia was Mary Sanderson, her niece Arya was Danny Denison and Lilian stepped in as the Zombie, Billy Butcherson.

We love to do all our sessions at sunset time, it rained but it was perfect,” said Lilian.

After the outdoor pictures, the group went to the mall for a few pictures that had similar settings to the second part of the movie. For instance, when the sisters were at Walgreens eating the face creams and being so impressed by all the modern things in the world these days.

“We had a lot of fun with this shoot,” said Lilian. “I am always happy to share with people sessions like this, and what I personally love more is the editing part.”

Hocus Pocus Photo Shoot

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