It's the last full week before Christmas so we decided to make a holiday-themed text question of the day.  Everyone has their Christmas traditions, but we want to know what your weird and wacky traditions are.

What is your “Strange” Christmas tradition?

  • strange tradition started this year...don't put out all the decorations, and start getting out bathing suits and summer clothes to pack for Punta Cana. The house is half Christmas half summer looking 🍹😎🎄
  • I drink the entire day away
  • My weird family tradition is that my stepmother's side of the family always makes lasagna for Christmas morning breakfast.
  • My tradition Christmas Eve my boys get to open a present which is always a new set of jammies and a book. Or the husband and I drink on Christmas Eve and wrap all their presents
  • My Christmas tradition is going to see the Nutcracker ballet every single year since I was five years old I am 27 now
  • Our odd tradition is finding the pickle. There's a special gift that is left for whoever finds it so all the kids look for it.
  • Many years ago my grandfather started a tradition of filling little brown paper sacks with a piece of fruit a piece or two of candy and a little trinket and to this day we still do that at Christmas for all the kids in the family that haven't started a family of their own yet. It's one of the most simple gifts but one of the most cherished I feel in our family
  • A unique tradition in my family has it Christmas is the grandmother buys a Christmas ornament every year for each grandchild on their 18th Christmas she buys them a tree topper so that when they start their life and move out they have all of the ornaments for Christmas tree to get started. It's been done since my grandmother was a child.
  • A newer tradition that my family has started is my brother sister and I all pitch in and make these Christmas Eve boxes for all of the kids for their Christmas gifts from us they usually include a new set of pajamas, a new movie, some popcorn, and a board game. Maybe a book or some hot cocoa. Things like that but all of the kids get equal gifts they're not vastly different in pricing or in the actual quality of the gift so all five kids are happy which is really hard to do. Especially when they go from ages 13 all the way down to two
  • Wake up at 1 am on Christmas to see what is in my stocking
  • Tqotd - my mom has a beautiful glass nativity scene that was handmade by my great grandfather..... We put it up every year NOT while listening to hymns...OR by remembering happy times from the past... we set it up while singing along to the Chipmunks Christmas CD in Squeaky high pitched voices at the top of our lungs.
  • Good morning! I don't know if this is unique, but as kids, we loved Dr. Seuss, so every Christmas morning (to this day) we make green eggs and ham with green food coloring.
  • Growing up I had 5 other siblings. We all slept upstairs at our house and my parent's bedroom was downstairs. My mom wrapped the banister with Garland, hung our stockings from it and at the end had a large jingle bell. We were not allowed downstairs on Christmas morning until she rang that jingle bell. So being kids, of course, we woke at 6 am and we would make noise upstairs until old mom rang that bell......flushing toilets, slamming doors, jumping on beds, laughing, was SO FUN as a kid! It became a tradition :) now that both of my parents have passed away, I got the jingle bell and I used to also put it on my banister for my kids.
  • This is Tana Reehl and I'm 9 and my sister Bria is 11. Santa wakes us up at 3 am to have cookies and give us our first gift of Christmas and then we go back to bed.
  • Y'all. I don't have a weird holiday tradition :(((( Unless you count that we kids were never allowed to go downstairs on Christmas morning until we heard a certain Christmas song playing over the sound system and that was only because my parents never got up in the middle of the night to play Santa #slacker #hohoho #traditions #love being COSF (Clique of six fam)
  • On Christmas eve I get together with my mom's side of the family. Before dinner, we gather around and sing Christmas songs together. There's at least 50 of us each year. This is the number one thing I look forward to every year
  • Our Christmas tradition in my house is buying a box of cereal that I wouldn't normally buy and put it under my girl's stockings. They're 14 and 11 now so they told me this year for their Christmas cereal they want Fruit Loops!
  • We leave scrambled eggs out for the reindeer. Don't remember when or how this started. Frankly, I'm not sure why we still do it...scrambled eggs are gross after a few hours of sitting out.
  • Christmas Eve kids get new jammies, popcorn, and a movie. After they open we Change and watch the movie before Santa comes
  • #question. Ever since I was a kid we always have Christmas on Christmas Eve at my parent's house so we could get in the car and drive 8 hours and be in southern Illinois at my grandparent's house for Christmas morning. And every year someone needs the Christmas story out of the Bible before we open presents
    We eat seafood (I eat a pizza) for Christmas Eve and open our presents with my parents. Always been this way.
  • My aunt who doesn't have kids always has an annual niece party/sleepover. Dinner, a craft and ornament exchange. Started in 94. And now we all leave our kids home and still go!
  • We would have a small paper bag game where they were filled with various nonperishables (toothpaste, beans, soap etc..) AND some would have money in them. My grandpa would get very creative and tape it on the inside of caps or bottom of cans. Sometimes we would trick us with gum or wrapped paper.
    We weren't allowed to wake up mom and dad until 7 am so my sisters and I would wake up early and open our stockings together and the wake-up mom and dad at 7 am
  • Every Christmas Eve we give all five of our children a Christmas ornament that has to do with something from this last year so every year when they put their ornaments up they have a reminder of every year of their life and when they move out they get their box
  • Christina tradition: our family always went to a Christmas Eve church service and then go home with extended family and eat appetizers for dinner while watching a Christmas movie in the background
  • Starting a new Christmas tradition this year because our parents are pulling a "Christmas with the Kranks" and taking a vacation over the whole holiday.
  • Tradition: Christmas Eve Christmas cookie decorating in onesies with all my [adult] siblings & their kiddos. Can't wait for the photos 😂
  • At my Mom's extended family party we have a huge cake and we sing happy birthday to Jesus. Then all the little kids blow out the candles on the cake
  • Our Christmas tradition is to sing "Happy birthday " to Jesus before we open our Christmas presents Christmas morning. We light a candle on some kind of treat, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, whatever. And then we snack on them while we open gifts. Oh, and also ...if you don't go to church Christmas eve, Santa leaves coal in your stocking. For reals!!!😂😢😭 happened to my hubby years ago, and the kids still worry about it!! Lol but one year we had an ice storm and couldn't get to church!!! 😰So we got out the nativity and told the story of baby Jesus, and sang Christmas carols instead, and Santa still came!!!! 😁
  • My name is Charli and my family tradition is that my mother is obsessed with the Muppet Christmas Carol so we watch it every year on Christmas Eve and she gets upset with us if we miss it
  • We hang a toy army man on our tree to protect our presents
  • Our other crazy tradition is making a Polish beet soup "Borsh" on Christmas Eve. It's rich dark red and the recipe that was passed down from my husband's great Aunt who came to the USA from Poland. She taught me how to make the soup before she passed to make sure I could get it right
  • Christmas morning we spend with the entire family my husband's ex-wife her new husband and all 6 of the kids. We are a big happy family of 10
  • We used to have a Christmas tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve before my brother married a b**** of a woman that had to have her Christmas party on New Year's on Christmas Eve
  • Our Christmas tradition is to have Christmas on New Years
  • TQOTD.. Not weird, but we all open new Christmas PJs and make crockpot breakfast casserole together on Christmas Eve. Then I clean the crap out of my house so Santas has room 😊
  • My kids like me to put code words or Symbols on Presents so they don't know who is this who is an on Christmas morning whoever gets the most right it's to open the first present. Like last year it was heart*moon etc. and this year its colors
  • Every other year we have an "international menu" for Christmas dinner.. from lasagna to flaming cheese.. yum!!
  • Pickle ornament! It’s an old German tradition where you hide a pickle ornament in the tree and whoever finds it Xmas morning gets a little extra present.
  • There is a German tradition to hide a pickle ornament in the tree we do that tradition with my kids now. On Christmas Eve we hide the pickle ornament and the first one to find it On Christmas day gets to open the first present on Christmas day
  • Oh and everyone always wants to play poop the potato at our big family
  • Christmas parties - a game that went viral a couple years back
  • We go to a movie and a Chinese buffet on Christmas
  • We dress up in costume, play Cowboy carols, eat beans and little weenies. Judge bourbon, and play Texas hold em. We also play pin the tail on the donkey
  • We have a family tradition where the family gets together and do this little program of singing songs, speeches and my mom always reads a different Christmas story every year.
  • When I was in preschool we painted dough ornaments to look like a snowman. I painted two; one black and one pinkish brown. I brought them home and my Dad said they looked like small turds. So every year since my brother and I take turns putting them on the tree. AND they are the last ornaments to go on, way more glorious than the topper.
  • I have three boys in their mid to late 20s and Every year since they were born I Purchased an ornament that reflects a memory I have of them that year. I then right on the ornament the year and what the memory is and plan to give them to the boys when They get married. When they all come home for Christmas I wait and have them put their own ornaments on my tree.
  • My unique Christmas tradition is having each of my kids sing a Christmas song on Christmas morning before they can come downstairs and see their stockings and gifts. It has been loads of fun! I have four kids and sometimes they ask their siblings to sing with them and sometimes they sing alone, but each of them has to pick a song. We started this when they were ages 5, 6, 8 & 10. They are now 21, 22, 24 and 26. They can sing any Christmas song they choose. So much fun to see what they come up with!

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