As you know if you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings we love us the ghosteses around here. We have paranormal groups sending us ghost video and audio all the time. Listeners call us with their ghost and paranormal stories, and we love to do Halloweek in October to cover all things spooky and paranormal.

In the past we have caught an actual ghost voice a couple of times on audio during our show. We had a listener who came in to talk about her house ghost after we ghost hunted and cleansed it during our Halloweek celebration a few years back. As we sat in the studio Mike asked the ghost to say something. We all held our breath but heard nothing. Later when we listened to the playback, we could clearly hear her ghost saying "Hello." He has since been dubbed our studio hello ghost because we are clever like that. Fast forward to Monday morning when I was sitting in the studio and all the sudden I heard a noise in the hallway. Let's go to the video.

As you could see a ghost made that picture frame slide off the wall but alas was so stealthy that we weren't able to catch it on video. But there is literally no reason why that frame fell off the wall. The nail that holds it is still pointing up and didn't move when the frame fell. The bracket on the frame is secure and not broken and contrary to Mike's belief, a truck rumbling by the station didn't vibrate it off the wall.

We now know that there is a camera pointing in that area so I'll be checking periodically to see if we can catch the KISS FM station ghost on video. I'm determined to show Mike that we really are haunted.

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