There is nothing like a classic movie to while away a Saturday afternoon. When the movie is a classic love story in a gorgeous venue, that's even better. This weekend you can check out the Audrey Hepburn/Gregory Peck film classic, Roman Holiday, for free at the International Museum of Art.

This is an amazing movie! The movie was Hepburn's first starring role and her co-star, Peck, knew he was working with someone who was destined to be a huge star. He even told the director that they should get equal billing even though he was the much more important star at that point.

Roman Holiday opens with Hepburn as Princess Anne, a completely sheltered European royal, going about her royal duties but wishing she could be just a normal girl. Peck is a hard-nosed American journalist living in Rome who is working hard to get back to the U.S. When he discovers Anne on a city bench asleep after she is given a sedative and realizes who she is, Peck decides to make her dreams of a normal day come true. They see the Roman sights, have drinks at a sidewalk cafe, and even end up dancing on a river barge.

Of course they fall in love, that's why the International is showing this movie. They are running classic love stories for the month of February in honor of Valentine's Day. This is a movie you should not miss. It was shot in Rome and there is nothing more beautiful than Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck falling in love in that beautiful city.

The movie is free, starts around 2 p.m., and they sell ridiculously well-priced concessions. You could take your lovah to the movie and get lots of goodies to snack on for probably $20. After the movie, go upstairs and check out the museum for free. It's a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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