I know we hate to hear the word "cheap" but nowadays we need to be frugal sometimes. Especially on such a commercialized "holiday" when all it's about is getting consumers to spend, spend, spend. Here are some girl-approved dates for your Valentine's celebration.


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    Dinner and movie at home

    Instead of going to a crowded, overpriced restaurant for your romantic date, get all the ingredients to make your favorite meal and cook together! This is a great bonding experience and women love when men cook for them, even if you just help out. Pick up a movie you both will love and enjoy the meal with love in the air.

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    Watch the sunset and picnic

    This Valentine's date is perfect if you guys are an outdoorsy couple. Pack some food, maybe even heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and drive out to a perfect sun-setting locale. Rim Road is a great place for this or even the Transmountain area stops.

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    Make eachother hand-made Valentines

    Ok guys, listen up. Many girls love this idea. Don't just go to a store and buy a card that someone else wrote, write your girl a good old fashion love letter. Now it doesn't have to be overly gushing and corny, maybe write the ten things you appreciate about her, things she does just for you and how you're lucky to have her. This is great for a couple that have been dating even just for a short time. If she helps your day go by faster at work by encouraging you, tell her. These little things count and can sure let her know her everyday efforts are appreciated even if they are small.


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    Long romantic sunrise walk

    The best times we spend with our loved ones are quiet, nature loving, no cell phone or internet times. Go for a walk! Get up and put on some comfy walking clothes and head for the hills. Especially in Las Cruces where you can head to Aguirre Springs for a little morning hike. The scenery is beautiful and the time and conversation together will be priceless.

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    Play a game over wine

    Being competitive can be fun with your significant other. Pull out the Monopoly board, the Cranium game or even some cards and play away. Pop open some wine and let the games begin! And if you really want to get into the games, you can make them a little dirty to spice it up (wink, wink).


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