CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (3/17/11): Rob Lowe - 47  Young Number Two in the "Austin Powers" sequels, Sam Seaborn on "The West Wing", Calista Flockhart's dead husband on "Brother & Sisters" . Rumoured to be replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and Half Men", but he's under contract to NBC's "Parks and Recreation" so that ain't happening.

--Gary Sinise - 56   Lieutenant Dan in "Forrest Gump".  He's on "CSI:  New York" now.

--KURT RUSSELL - 60  Remember him as Snake Plissken in "Escape From New York" and "Escape From L.A." ??? I DO!!!  Goldie Hawn  has been getting all smoove up in him since the 80's, but won't marry him. Tramp!!!