CHRISTINA AGUILERA RAUNCHY PICS FOR SALE:CHRISTINA AGUILERA has another P.R. problem -- hundreds of scandalous photos of her have found their way into someones greedy hands and that someone has shared them with RadarOnline.

The anonymous seller says he found them on a discarded digital storage card in a French hotel room Christina and her boyfriend had stayed in. According to RadarOnline, the one hundred some odd pics include X-tina in compromising positions with her boyfriend, dancing on a table with friends at a private dinner, and at Nicole Richie's bachelorette bash. The pics are now being shopped around to the highest bidder. No word if RadarOnline just viewed them and then passed on them.

Hollywood Dirt Report Exclusive: One of the more risque photos being shopped around. May Not Be Safe For Work!!! Do NOT click if you are easily offended!!!

ENRIQUE BAILS ON BRITNEY:BRITNEY SPEARS announced she'd be touring with ENRIQUE IGLESIAS during a pre-taped appearance on "Good Morning America" yesterday, but it turns out that won't be happening after all.

Enrique's rep released a statement a few hours after Brit's announcement stating Enrique was "very sorry for the confusion." Since he did not elaborate on why, we'll just have to speculate. One reason being thrown around is that Enrique bailed because he wanted it to be a co-headlining tour, and that wasn't going to be the case. That's right, Enrique don't open for nobody!!! He's En-freakin-rique, yo. And tonight he's lovin' you.

There was also talk Enrique wanted more money. Britney's people haven't commented, nor has tour promoter Live Nation.

There's no denying she looks hot, but after viewing the vids a few times, she not only seems sort of listless to me , but her singing is way too perfect and high-energy for her low-energy body movements. I'm guessing she's lip-synching, as usual.

WATCH: Britney's performance on "Good Morning America" yesterday.

WATCH:Britney ended Tuesday the way she started … on ABC. Only on Kimmel she not only sang, she also showed off her comedic stylings, like on this pre-taped segment ...

SHEEN vs RICHARDS UPDATE: DENISE RICHARDS is furious that CHARLIE SHEEN Tweeted she's a dog thief, and now friends are coming to her defense. Sources “familiar with the situation” are telling TMZ Charlie is a dog abuser.

When she and Charlie separated, Denise left the two Pugs with Charlie so their daughters could feel more at home when they were with him, but after his hotel meltdown last October, Charlie gave the dogs back. When Denise picked them up, the dogs were allegedly in a bad way. One source says they were, quote, "malnourished and neglected." One of the dogs was in such bad shape it DIED days later.

ROBERT PATTINSON SMELLS BAD: REESE WITHERSPOON confirms a lingering rumor about her "Water for Elephants" co-star ROBERT PATTINSON -- the guy has poor hygiene.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reese asks, "It's a boy thing, right? To have dirty fingernails and hair... And his clothes were dirty all the time." No, Reese. It sounds more like a "someone doesn't like to shower" thing.

COVER SHOT: A shirtless ROB LOWE on the cover of the new "Vanity Fair"

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN KAN'T AKT: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN made her soap opera debut on "One Life to Life" Monday. She played personal injury attorney “Kassandra Kavanaugh, with two Ks." Here's a clip so you can check out her acting skills.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: According to an insider at Star magazine, JESSICA SIMPSON’S fiancee, Eric Johnson, will "get $500,000 as a wedding present when the big day arrives. Then, on each anniversary, he'll get another $200,000. If he and Jessica make it to five years of marriage, he'll get an additional $500,000 bonus -- and a $1 million bonus if they make it to 10 years." No wedding date has been set.

WHO DAT???:  Best known as “Rebecca Howe,” here’s what the current “Dancing With the Star”contestant KIRSTIE ALLEY looked like in high school in the late 1960s ...

BABY NEWS: Your man K-FED will apparently have another mouth to feed soon. Britney's ex is expecting his fifth child this summer. His first with girlfriend Victoria Prince.

SNAPSHOT: ALYSSA MILANO spotted leaving yoga class yesterday ...

Man, she's really let herself go!!! That yoga ain't working.