The Cathedral High School Center for Advanced Studies is excited to announce that ten of its students have been named 2014 Gates Millennium Scholars.

The goal of GMS, which was created in 1999 with a $1 billion grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students to reach their highest potential. The students were selected from a national applicant pool of 50,000 students who demonstrated financial need, the highest academic standards, innovative community service and exceptional leadership qualities.

The Cathedral students named 2014 Gates Millennium Scholars are Jorge A. Barrio, Jose-Roberto Delgado, Martin Jeffers, Anthony J. Jewett, Aldo M. Jordan, Oscar Loya, Jose A. Negrete, Christian Ortiz, Isaac M. Sotelo, and David P. Torres

The ten Cathedral seniors, all of which are El Paso Community College dual-credit students, join the twenty one Gates Scholars that Cathedral High School Center for Advanced Studies has produced since 2009 bringing the total Gates Scholars named at the school to an unprecedented thirty one. Last year Cathedral was recognized for its eleven finalists and for ultimately producing six Gates Scholars from the Class of 2013.

The Center for Advanced Studies serves as the coordinating point for all higher education opportunities available to its students and parents. In addition to providing college-level assessments for enrollment, the Center, in conjunction with the El Paso Community College, enables eligible students the opportunity to take affordable, high quality, college core courses prior to graduation from high school. The program also allows for enrichment and extension of the Cathedral High School curriculum and avoidance of unnecessary duplication in course work as students move from high school to college.

Through the increasing number of prestigious scholarship recipients that are generated each year, the Center for Advanced Studies has become known for cultivating one the largest concentrations of talent along the U.S./Mexico border. For two consecutive years, Cathedral seniors have been the most represented GMS scholarship recipient population in Texas and the second most in the nation.

Once again, congratulations to these ten exemplary students and their families.

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