If you're my age, you've watched actress Diane Lane grow up. She is only a couple of years older than me, but watching her on the big screen in movies like A Little Romance, and on tv in miniseries like Lonesome Dove, she seemed way more mature and certainly cooler than anyone I knew. It's a little tough to call one of her movie "classic" because I always think of classic movies as something from the 30s or 40s, but A Little Romance is a classic movie.

The movie was released in 1979, and stars Diane Lane in her film debut. The movie also stars film legend Laurence Olivier, and Sally Kellerman, who is probably best known for her role as Major Hot Lips Houlihan in the movie MASH.

The movie centers on Diane Lane's character who lives in Paris with her mom. While on a movie set, she becomes friends with a teenage film buff, Daniel Michon. Her mom won't let her date Danielso they decide to run away to Venice after being told by Laurence Olivier that if a couple kisses under the Bridge of Sighs, they will never part.

The movie is a lot of fun to watch because the dialogue is so well-written. It is so not a teen sex comedy like John Hughes movies in the 80s. This is a really nice romance that just happens to center around teens. You'll love it and the amazing views of France.

Go see this movie, and then catch your breath by wandering around the International Museum of Art. You can get some really well-priced concessions and the movie is free.

WHAT: A Little Romance
WHEN: Saturday, May 11, 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana

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