The Canutillo Independent School District doesn’t want a proposed 48 unit low-income housing project to be built in the village of Vinton, and their reason is raising a lot of eyebrows.

CISD officials say they can’t afford to take in any more low-income students and they can’t deal with the problems they bring with them. They want to draft a resolution to send to Texas state officials who have asked the district for their input on the housing project. After reading the resolution, the mayor of Vinton, Manny Leos, said CISD seems to care more about money than students. Leos said that because of the number of people who live below the poverty line in Vinton, the village needs the housing project and he is offended at the Canutillo ISD board of trustees who oppose it. The proposed resolution says CISD would be getting the additional students and their problems, but not the funding to address those issues.

After a lot of arguing at their meeting, the school board decided to rework the resolution. They will be trying to figure out how to tell the State of Texas that they don't want the housing project built in a way that all the trustees can get behind. They will be voting on the resolution at a later meeting.

If approved, the resolution would then be sent back to the state as the district's response.

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