The Canutillo High School cheerleading squad went to Dallas in January for a competition and things got so out of control that they will not be allowed to travel at all for the remainder of this school year.

So, what did the girls do? One student told NewsChannel 9 that there were some girls who got their ears pierced, got hickeys, even bleached their hair. It might sound like a 1950s girls-gone-bad movie, but it was serious enough for Canutillo ISD to open an investigation and bring down the hammer on the whole squad.

One student says she heard the whole thing was the result of bullying, but CISD officials won’t confirm that.

They also won’t say, other than the travel ban, what other consequences the team is facing.

The district says they will take more precautions on any future out-of-town trips for any sport or club at the school. The travel ban only extends through this school year. The cheerleading squad will be able to travel in the fall.

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