Okay I don't have LONG LOCKs, BUT I'll take a shower; gel it up and run out the door and I can hear mom shouting, "Cover your head, cause your gonna get sick with WET HAIR!"  So are we gonna get sick?

According to Dr. Tosh, an infectious diseases physician at the Mayo Clinic, "In order to get an infection you need to be exposed to an infectious agent."  So during the brrr weather there is various cold bugs and of course that influenza AND that is what you need to get the ickyness!!!

I've always heard from friends keep those open orifices COVERED: ears, nose, mouth, and head…so basically we have to put on a good ol' ski mask, eh!

Okay, okay, so YOU can't get sick just cause YOUR melon is wet or a little damp, but once you get in the car your pores are open and there is bacteria in your VROOM VROOM…and…and...ACHOoooo!

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