I'm a proud Burges Mustang, Class of '84, and even back in the dinosaur days when I was going to school there, the journalism department was known for its great yearbooks and newspaper. That tradition of journalistic excellence has been in the capable hands of Patricia Monroe for the past three decades.

I knew Patricia Monroe during my last couple of years at Burges because she started substitute teaching around that time. She was a reporter for KDBC at the time and we were all starstruck, but she was no creampuff pushover. She was a toughie who made us work and told us to look beyond high school so we would work hard to do something with our lives.

Ms. Monroe has continued to inspire countless students and Burges High School is lucky to have her. I'm so glad that KTSM did this spotlight on her and her department.

Way to go, Ms. Monroe!

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