Texas is a mighty big place. You can drive for hours and still not make it from one end to another. Plenty of wide-open spaces, and plenty of room for opportunity. There are hundreds if not thousands of different companies that try launching in Texas. Some fail and some don't but very few reach iconic status.

The word icon is defined as something widely recognized and well-established. Although some companies may be well established, very few are widely recognized for the stature of being iconic.

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Texas has quite a few of these iconic companies according to a publication from Texas Heritage for Living. Keep reading to see if you recognize any of these brands and companies.

Look: Buc-ee's, Whataburger and 9 Other Iconic Companies Started Up in Texas

These are some big names that are still going strong. I can certainly tell you as a past business owner myself that it's hard to keep a company afloat. Many a business has gone belly up. What's impressive to me is the fact these big Texas brands started such a long time ago and they're still going today.

I don't know if it's just the fact that I'm a native Texan, but these brands are mostly the ones I gravitate towards anyways. I can remember my first visit to a lot of these places. A Whataburger with an ice-cold Dr. Pepper is hard to beat and there's nothing like Wolf Brand Chili on a hotdog.

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