Ds are usually a bad thing in school, but for one elementary school Career Day, the Ds in question had nothing to do with grades. They were breast implants, and the parents at one school said it wasn't the kind of education they wanted their kids to get.

El Paso Parent Takes Breast Implants To Career Day Talk

Sebra Gonzalez is a parent of a child at Garcia Elementary school in the Canutillo Independent School District, and she’s also the marketing manager of Plastic Surgery Envy Aesthetic Center. Last week, she spoke to the second, fourth, and fifth grade students about her job during Career Day. She took silicone breast implants to the school to explain how she markets the products and also spoke about breast cancer awareness.

She said she wanted to educate the children about how she markets reconstructive plastic surgery, not about cosmetic plastic surgery. Some parents told KFOX 14 that what she did was inappropriate. CISD said Garcia’s demonstration was “perhaps not age-appropriate for elementary school.”

Gonzalez and her fourth grade daughter, who saw her mother’s talk, disagree. Garcia said she was trying to send a message to kids about cancer awareness and preventative treatments like wearing sunscreen. Her daughter said the little kids had fun and they got good advice from her mom. She went on to say “if you're trying to say that my mother was inappropriate then you must be crazy."

Members of the school administration watched Garcia’s presentation and said nothing because they felt she didn’t get too explicit or gory. CISD officials say the principal or teachers who were present will not be disciplined, but the district will be looking at how they screen future Career Day presentations.

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