Actually, the picture is all part of Brad's new movie called "The Counsellor".  It was written by former El Pasoan, Cormac McCarthy, the writer who also wrote 'No Country For Old Men', and El Paso played a role!

The movie is all about a struggling lawyer who gets caught up in the drug trade.  Brad Pitt plays a shady character who helps the lawyer get $20 million.

Earlier this year, a film crew shot a scene in South El Paso, but last summer, Brad was shown in an on-set picture from London holding a copy of the El Paso Times with a headline about headless bodies being found in Mexico.

Ah, more positive images of El Paso being beamed to world-wide audiences!

Anyway, check out the movie trailer - it actually looks like a great flick.  'The Counselor' comes out October 25th.