El Paso has always had a really chill reputation. Maybe it's the myth of the lithium in the water or maybe it's just because we would rather have some fun hanging out and having some beers and chips and guacamole rather than get all crazy. That legendary chill was on total display a couple of days ago at a local Whataburger.

There was a situation, it's not really made clear if there was a fight or an argument before the camera started rolling in the video below, that got way out of control and then it got even crazier. A woman can be seen standing at a table in a very intimidating manner and other people are standing around her trying to calm the situation. You should pay close attention to what she has in her hands during the whole wild incident.

It's not every day that I walk around with a box cutter in my hand or purse so again, not really sure how that particularly dangerous item happened to make its way into the woman's hand who was standing up. Judging from her body posture she sure looked like she was mad enough to possibly lash out and use it against the other woman.

But did you catch the reaction of the people who weren't part of the drama? They just sat there watching the whole thing go down, one person pulled out their phone and took video, and other people just continued eating. I mean, I know a fresh, hot Whataburger meal is pretty dang irresistible but for heaven's sake, there is a woman with a box cutter and police officers pulling rifles within arm's length of you. I guess they got a double dose of lithium.

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