Before they stopped by Speaking Rock today (June 1), Justin Furstenfeld and Matt Noveskey from Blue October stopped by the 93.1 KISS FM studio to give us a four-song acoustic set.

Justin explained that he wanted to do an acoustic overview of both the band's history and his own life, which sounds difficult to do in four songs -- and yet, he does it amazingly.

For the next several days, we'll be bringing you the entire set. But first, let's go back to 2003 with "Calling You" leading the way. Toward the middle of the song, Justin threatens to break loose, but keeps it mellow. (Don't worry, he did plenty of breaking loose throughout the set. He really can't help himself.)

We've been really lucky to have Justin ad Blue October as a good friend of our station, and keep checking back over the next week for more of this beautiful performance.

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