Taylor Swift was one of the many who loved Beyonce's Grammy-opening performance, but many parents complained via social media that it was too raunchy for their kids to watch.

Singing latest hit 'Drunk in Love,' Queen Bey showed off her bootylicious backside, straddled a chair and twerked for all it was worth. Hubby Jay-Z joined her onstage mid-song, even getting handsy with his wife's exposed backside.

The display was too risqué for several parents, who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure not only with Bey's outfit and dance moves, but also the fact that the performance aired in what has historically been considered the "family hour" of 8PM (ET/PT).

Below are tweets from several concerned parents:

Some viewers took notice of a celebrity double standard of sorts, pointing out that Miley Cyrus would have been absolutely lambasted for a similar routine.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Did Bey and Jay's performance cross the line? Do you agree that Miley would have gotten much more grief for the same performance?

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