The man always wins!!

Today I had Jury Duty Court – because I missed my date a couple of months ago. So I had to go in to explain to the judge why I missed it.

Truth be told I had a bad virus that turned into bronchitis and well I was not going anywhere and that included jury duty!

Even though I did call the morning of jury duty – I was still hauled in to give my explanation.

Well, I was forgiven and was given a new jury date to attend which is fine…It’s our civic duty I get it – But check this…

Parking is horrendous in Downtown El Paso – I get that but I ended up getting lucky finding a parking space a block away from the courthouse. However, I was not prepared with enough change.

I put in just enough money to give me a 2 ½ hour window…I thought, “That should be enough time!”

WRONG!!! It took 3 hours!!! And in the end I got a $25 parking ticket!

Boooo!!! Lesson learned – Always take enough quarters to feed the hungry machines and put enough for 4 hours – just to play it safe!