During Friday's Voting Rally in San Jacinto Plaza, Beto O'Rourke wanted to highlight his mother for joining him on his campaign journey. He gave her a hug and talked about how great it is to have his mom driver him around the campaign trail. Not only does Beto's Mom drive, but she let's him have donuts for breakfast and ice cream for dinner.

As Beto continues on the campaign trail, he seems to be pretty at ease with all the madness that goes into it. I have a feeling that he gets his cool, calm vibe from his mother. O'Rourke joked as on stage that he is proud to have his republican mother vote for him.

We all know she really has no choice but to vote for her son, but it was a great joke delivered so effortlessly by O'Rourke. If only we could get former president Barack Obama and O'Rourke to have a dad joke off challenge.

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