On Friday, Texas representative Beto O'Rourke held a Voting Rally at San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas. From there he walked over to the El Paso Courthouse to place his vote. Beto had a small stage but a huge heart when it came to sharing his love for El Paso, Texas and the United States. Tons of supports and media outlets gathered around a stage set up in front of the iconic gator statue, that is the heart of San Jacinto.

Beto live streamed his walk-in to the voting rally on his Facebook page, which rallied up the crowd even before the event started. Rumor has it CNN was documenting Beto's El Paso event. From the looks of all the fancy equipment, it seems like Beto was having a documentary recorded about him. When he finally arrived to the event, Beto was bombarded by media cameras trying to get an interview with him. Once he kindly gave a few interviews, the man of the hour finally took the stage.

Joined by his wife and his mother, Beto stood in front of his fellow El Pasoans and shared his appreciation for our city. He also went into some of the issues he believes we need to change and even mentioned Ted Cruz. The biggest take away from the Voting Rally was Beto making a great statement about being the advocate for a real change in Washington.

According to Business Insider, Beto has raised more money than any Democrat running for Senate from Texas in 16 years. With all the drama and confusion surrounding our last election, voters are looking for those candidates who are turning away super PACs and relying on the people. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, but the early voting numbers have increased by 90%, according to Vox.  If Beto can get the votes, then come November, he will be taking on Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the midterm elections.

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