We are already jumping on a couch!

The world is still buzzing about former congressman Beto O'Rourke. From the thirsty tweets about him, to his Facebook live posts, Beto is still fighting the good fight to defend the negative comments about El Paso, immigration reform and his stance on pretty much everything. Yet, Beto is still pretty silent on running for president. Fortunately, we might be getting some info out of him thanks to the Queen of Talk Shows!

Besides with his wife, Beto probably hasn't been completely honest about his thoughts on his loss to Ted Cruz, or about his announcement to run for president in 2020 with many people. You know he has some strong opinions he shouldn't say out loud. He lost with dignity but probably wanted to shout many offensive words because he is known for that. Anyway, we are getting a chance to watch Oprah interview Beto THIS FEBRUARY!


According to oprah.com, Lady O is hosting a live event from Times Square in New York City on Tuesday, February 5th. Tickets will be available to see the magic happen live, but they don't go on sale till Monday, January 14, 10 a.m. EST. A great Valentine's Day gift for any Beto fan.


Oprah has a magic way to interview so I am super excited to see what she is going to ask, what Beto will answer and if she is going to yell BETO in her famous Oprah voice. Oh yeah, she is also interviewing Bradly Cooper, Michale B. Jordan, Melinda Gates and Lisa Borders.

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