One of the best parts of Texas is how you never have to search for things to do. God forbid we lose power and wifi, but if it were to happen you can always go outside. Texas is truly a magical place full of mystery and wonder.

What is so great about going outside even if it is Texas?

This really sounds like a rhetorical question, but believe it or not, some people legitimately do not know or understand the health boost of the great outdoors. Sure, for some it is a place that always leaves them sunburned and wheezing. That's why you must learn the long-term benefits of sunscreen, and a daily antihistamine.

Where should I go if I do want to get outside in Texas?

You should start with your own backyard, or front yard if that provides more adequate space. A simple walk around the neighborhood is always a great way to meet your community, and get some of those steps your doctor is always talking about.

For our family, our favorite outdoor activity is camping. Especially if the camping comes with a float trip. Does it get more relaxing than a lazy day of a slow current taking you through the Texas countryside?

What if I am not an experienced camper?

You can always go with someone who is, but there is nothing that says you have to rough it when camping. Most parks rent everything from tipis and cabins with electricity and air conditioning to RV hookups for those that want to bring way more than just the kitchen sink. has great suggestions.

These are the best places for camping, glamping, and RV living it up in Texas:

Best Camping In Texas

These are the best places for camping, glamping, and RV living it up in Texas.

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